Truck Accidents And Insurance Companies

Because truck drivers are required to abide by stricter rules than other vehicles, and because of the greater inherent risk of transporting larger loads, truck companies are required to carry proper insurance to protect both themselves and other drivers from liability. If you have been hit by a semitruck, garbage truck or other large commercial vehicle, it is important to understand that the insurance policy and claims process will be different than if you had been in an accident with any other vehicle. In many cases, the limits of these policies are much higher than the insurance limits of noncommercial insurance policies. These policies must have these higher limits because truck accidents tend to result in greater property damage, more catastrophic injuries and higher rates of death.

If you have been the victim of a truck accident, you need a personal injury lawyer who can help calculate medical bills, the cost of rehabilitation, and pain and suffering. While some forms of reimbursement will be easy to calculate (the cost of replacing a car, the cost of a hospital stay), other aspects of your claim require the skill of a lawyer. While it is impossible to put a precise numerical value on the cost of lifestyle changes, or pain and suffering, a truck accident lawyer can help you determine the maximum claim you are legally entitled to make. Calculating lost wages can be difficult, but lawyer Richard F. Horsley has years of experience ensuring that clients are properly cared for following injuries.

The time following a truck accident can be stressful. You may be facing high medical bills, missed time at work and painful recovery. Don't let insurance companies settle without seeking the help of a skilled lawyer, who can ensure that your claim is fair and that justice is properly served. In the time immediately following a truck accident, it can be difficult to see the catastrophic long-term effects you and your family may face. Some injuries don't always manifest immediately following an accident. Psychological trauma can take years to overcome.

Personal injury lawyer Richard F. Horsley is prepared to carry out a detailed investigation into the circumstances of your accident, the nature of your injuries and potential sources of compensation such as insurance policies.

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